Three states, numerous / priceless family hugs and some planning... and now a crossing of an ocean!

May 27 2017

My intent is to photo journal and create blogs posts daily... HOWEVER... patience will be requested as I won't be able to post until we reach the other side. Comms are via Sat-phone communication and very expensive to push out that much content daily... I have a total of 96 GBs of storage for my camera, which equates to approximately 3600-4000 pics, and the wordiness within will fill some space as well. Offer up prayers, best wishes, leave comments in guest book and travel with me via GPS / AIS tracking.

(Go to App store.... search.... "Find Ship" Download Search Foot Loose (2 words) Vessel MMSI#367518370, Click on vessel ‘Save’ * this vessel in your "fleet" Now follow this vessel please and enjoy the journey…) Off to...... Big Blue... on Sunday June 4th, It'll be nice to know you're out there...