Lv a footprint so I can take it

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Website Nov. 1, 2021


This is super fun! Thanks for recommending it

Sep. 14, 2021


I am loving what I am reading so far. You are an amazing writer and wonderful photographer.

May. 29, 2020

-Gabby, Cat, Catie, and Michael

It was a delightful experience running into you at south beach in the San Juan islands. Thanks for capturing our memories and sharing your adventures :)

Nov. 1, 2018


Worth the wait!

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The greatest of faults, I should say, is to be conscious of none.

Mar. 4, 2018


Aloha, had fun meeting you both in Kapalua.

God bless and safe travels

Mar. 1, 2018


Aloha Kelly, It was a joy having a conversation with you! Although i was laughing the whole time... while you sat and waited for a Shuttle to pick you up. Also YES there is a lot of vowels in the Hawaiian alphabet :) Hope you Enjoyed your stay in Kapalua!
A HUI HOU! Malia B

Jan. 23, 2018



Jan. 6, 2018

Jock Anderson

Kelly...Good to see you on here and have very much enjoyed hearing about your travels. All the best...

Dec. 6, 2017


The best of you is your adventurous spirit, I like it . A kiss

Oct. 20, 2017


Hi Kelly - Enjoyed playing poker with you online! Love your blog and will continue to check in to see your future explorations.

Website Oct. 6, 2017

Susan Osborn

How lovely to meet you last nite at the movies! It was a soul encounter that is so much a part of this precious island life. I look forward to reading more of your adventures. For now, welcome Home!

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Hayes Johnson

Hi! I met you at the oyster farm today! Your pictures are really good! I loved reading about your trips. my website:

Aug. 7, 2017


Dear Mr Kelly,

You have brought new insight to many who have viewed your blog, and pics and I want to thank you for sharing your journey , looking forward to seeing more of it ..for your story and pics have brightened my days .

Jul. 10, 2017

Micheleen Fortier

Your pictures are breathtaking and heart felt. There is never a bad one in the bunch. You seem to have a real knack for photography. I enjoy looking at your many collections of places you 've seen and been in your life. Continue with this wonderful talent
my long lost friend. These pictures are treasures.

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Pam Roach

Enjoy your passion and dream❤❤

May. 25, 2017


Hi Kelly:

I presume that's your name; we didn't officially introduce ourselves at the small gas station in a small town in Oregon, filling up our LARGE sodas!

Your photos are breathtaking. Some capture me and what I think and feel.Thanks for sharing with me.

I'll definitely pass your website on to my daughter-in-law. April's Facebook Page is Photophire Photography.

Have an amazing time and, of course, the Lord be with you and keep you safe.

May. 22, 2017


Have a Wonderful day!

May. 22, 2017


As the Mate on the formentioned Red Hawk, I remember clearly the day we arrived at Rosario from San Francisco and met Kelly behind the bar. That was about 1990 I suppose, since than, we have shared many many adventures under sail that are not to be forgotten
!!! Sail on to the ISLANDS Kelly and be safe my brother from a different Mother !!! DIX